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…all this and more in this week’s compendium of open source news!   Two Steps Forward, One Step Back Sounds like a Strauss Waltz? Almost. After 10 years the city of Munich’s love affair with open source may be coming to an end.  Despite saving $16 million by using the custom Linux distribution LiMux, the city is considering switching back to Windows due to user complaints.  Read more about the motives surrounding the discussion at Network World.    Governments on GitHub Governments across the globe have long been dabbling with open source software.  Use of Open Source products like OpenOffice, Linux and Drupal are becoming commonplace. To further this trend, many governments are beginning to open source their own code as illustrated by the 10,000 active government users on GitHub. You could argue that since it is our taxes, then the code should be open.  Read more abo... (more)

How to Develop Apps for Vehicles

Author Peter Rogers Principal Mobility Architect, CognizantVisionMobile recently published one of the best reports on apps for vehicles that I have read (http://www.visionmobile.com/product/apps-for-cars-mileage-may-vary/).  It is frustrating with how difficult it is to actually get an app approved for use in a car. Here are some of the unique challenges: ·         Safety first considerations (like driver distraction)·         Long sales and car vendor app approval process·         Car vendor led UX and ideation processes·         Low risk strategies for selecting apps·         Deal negotiation skills requirement·         Massive market fragmentation. The analogy VisionMobile offers is one that I remember vividly myself. That of running a small mobile games company (back before the days of iOS and Android App Stores around ) and trying to get a deal with a telecom... (more)

IoT is for Automotive

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made an appearance in just about every industry (including automotive) that uses automation and has opened the door for the automation of pretty much anything and everything. Today, there are more devices than people and by 2020 there is expected to be 26 Billion – 50 Billion internet connected devices being used throughout the world. If one thing is true – and if the staggering stats above are any indication – we’re headed towards a fully connected world at a very high speed. Think about everything we can do now that wasn’t possible just a few years ago. We can lock our doors and shut off the thermostat from an app on our phone. At the push of a button, we can buy laundry detergent and have it shipped to our home. Industries with geographically dispersed and remotely located assets can cost-effectively add sensors and smart devices... (more)

Driving in the Cloud

Victor Cruz has actually touched on a few interesting points in his article “Safe Driving in the Cloud: A Black Box for Cars”. The fact is that car companies have lately shifted their focus towards increasing security for passengers and drivers altogether and that is why they came up with the idea of introducing a black box for cars. This might be a bit strange as many people have said, but the reasons to why they came to this decision are actually very solid. For instance, when an aircraft crashes, investigators will eventually be able to retrieve the data that was recorded during flight and analyze what actually went wrong. It’s a measure that has helped with designing safer airplanes and as a result, save people’s lives. Now, getting back to the black box itself, the box is not actually black. It will only be black after the investigators retrieve it from the char... (more)

Linux Networx Supercomputers to Streamline AISIN 's Automotive Transmission Design Efforts

Linux Networx has announced that AISIN AW Co., one of the leading providers of automotive transmissions, is using a Linux Networx Supersystem to enhance product design efforts. The new system is tuned for use with ANSYS CFX and accelerates AISIN's ability to develop new transmissions by allowing them to more easily and efficiently analyze complex fluid flows. The Linux Networx Supersystem enables AISIN to minimize the reliance on testing actual prototypes by giving them the power to more easily and efficiently simulate designs. This results in faster time-to-market, reduced cost-to-market and the development of safer and higher quality transmissions for customers including Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen and Volvo. "Linux Networx Supersystems deliver industry-leading price performance making the choice easy for us," said Takeshi Yamaguchi, senior specialist, simulation dev... (more)

Electronic Virtualization Company Appoints Marios Zenios to Board of Directors

VaST Systems announced the appointment of automotive electronics industry veteran Marios Zenios to the VaST board of directors. Zenios has served as a strategic advisor to the company helping VaST form industry initiatives that create more complete virtualization solutions for end customers. Previously, as a senior Motorola executive, Zenios spearheaded the development and adoption of automotive electronics systems at global automotive suppliers and OEMs. Zenios has more than 20 years of automotive, telematics, and communications experience. "In my new position as a VaST board member, I’m focused on helping VaST develop strategies that maximize the value of its unique virtualization solutions in the automotive and electronics industry. It is a great honor to be part of VaST at such a pivotal time in the company and the industry,” Zenios said. "Marios is... (more)

Meta System and Wavecom to Jointly Develop Solutions for Automotive Telematics

Meta System Spa and Wavecom have announced that they are collaborating to develop two joint automotive telematics solutions. The companies are both suppliers to the automotive market: Meta System, a MetaSystem Group company specializes in research, development and production of electronics applied to advanced safety systems for motor vehicle market, while Wavecom dominates the market for wireless communication solutions for the automotive industry. The first joint solution is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) platform for automotive telematics, with particular focus on the following functionalities: eCall (emergency call), stolen vehicle tracking, remote diagnostics and fleet management. A variant of the platform will integrate HSDPA/HSUPA technologies with the Wavecom Q26 Extreme product. The platform will permit high-speed connectivity and targets high-end t... (more)

Who at BMW Cooked Up This Disastrous eNewsletter?

 How To Put the Brakes on Their Five Major Marketing Mistakes If you were to imagine an eNewsletter from BMW, you would probably expect it to lead off with a picture something like the one to the right.  As a BMW owner, you tend to be a certain kind of person.  The folks at BMW have understood your persona well over decades in the United States.  That’s why I’m mystified at the June 2009 eNewsletter from Germain BMW of Naples. I love my BMW.  I think Germain BMW is a terrific dealership. But, I hate their eNewsletter. Why? Because it has almost nothing to do with the BMW brand promise: BMW—The Ultimate Driving Machine. In fact, the eNewsletter is so bad, I can only imagine it must be a stealth product of the federal government’s new car Czar organization. Call me crazy but when I get an eNewsletter that has something to do with BMW, I expect that it would deliver on... (more)

GM Bankruptcy Briefing - Who Is This Man?

I don't know who this man is talking on behalf of General Motors but he sounds like the most incompetent job applicant college graduate who is participating in Donald Trump's Your Are Fired "Apprentice" TV show. If what he is saying right now is what GM was supposed to do in company's recent history, and if this man was part of this company's management team, he must immediately be removed from whatever job he is doing today, on July 10, 2009.   Please listen to his entire opening speech on launching this "exciting new company." Very nice Mr. GM Man, what you are saying is very nice indeed. Why didn't the company do all this in the past 50 years as Japanese took over the country like cockroaches? GM was one of the most badly managed companies in the world. GM is a Harvard MBA case study on how not to run a company. The GM image burned in my brain is the private jet... (more)

Codethink Demonstrates Rapid Kernel Upgrades with Baserock Embedded Linux

Shanghai, China - 11th October 2012 - Codethink, a provider of software engineering services for mobile and embedded devices, has unveiled and demonstrated Baserock Embedded Linux at the GENIVI automotive industry trade association meeting for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) standards in Shanghai, China. Codethink showed a full upgrade of a Linux system image kernel from version 3.2 to 3.6 in less than 10 minutes showing how the engineer tool saves vast amounts of developer time. The Linux 3.6 kernel is the latest stable kernel released on 1 October 2012. "I'm very excited to be able to take the wraps off Baserock Embedded Linux for the global GENIVI community meeting," says Paul Sherwood, Codethink's CEO. "Baserock's all-native, fully traceable workflow and direct-from-upstream design makes it an ideal solution for tracking the developing GENIVI Baseline requirement... (more)

Linux Foundation Announces 2013 Event and Co-Located Linux Training Schedule

The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced its 2013 event and co-located Linux training schedule. The organization is also opening the Call for Presentations (CFPs) for its 2013 event lineup, which includes LinuxCon conferences in North America, Japan and Europe. LinuxCon North America and CloudOpen will take place this year in New Orleans, La., where they will be co-located with the Linux Plumbers Conference. LinuxCon Japan will take place in Tokyo in 2013 and will be co-located with the Automotive Linux Summit Spring event. LinuxCon Europe will be in Edinburgh, UK, along with Linux Kernel Summit, the Automotive Linux Summit Fall event, and Embedded Linux Conference Europe. The Linux Foundation this year will offer a combined 15 events worldwide. These events will include 13 co-located Linux train... (more)